Taking the Strain out of Treasure Hunts

Gaggletag has introduced a new service to demonstrate the power of the technology in enabling the automatic scoring of Treasure Hunts. Called Tweet-Go-Seek and built on Twitter – so needing no app of its own – the service responds with a clue to the next location when it spots the right Gaggletag in a photo.

Treasure Hunts, in which individuals or teams of people decipher clues to a sequence of locations are popular in corporate team building as well as private events. They are fun to play but not to score, typically a very manual process at the end of an event when everyone else is celebrating its finish. With the Gaggletag this unwelcome element is eliminated, as the hunts score themselves.

With a more simplified gameplay, using our technology, we see a wider application of Treasure Hunts, such as encouraging footfall and exploration at retail and tourist sites.

We are now  looking to licence our Twitter-based service to those operating in the corporate and leisure entertainment space as well as the Gaggletag technology to be integrated into third-party treasure hunt apps and events apps that include gamification.