Gaggletag Launches Instagram Photo Analytics Solution with a Laser Sharp Focus at WebSummit 2017

WebSummit 2017, Lisbon, Portugal – Social Image Activation Startup Gaggletag is launching a new photo sharing analytics solution using its Real World Cookie technology to provide a far greater level of granularity than is possible with Location or Hashtags alone.

Relying on traditional methods to filter through the photos shared on social media is hampered by the sheer volumes of traffic generated around popular brands, events and locations. But by incorporating a discrete Gaggletag visual marker in their display materials, Brands and Businesses can use the new Gaggletag Tracker to dig deeper than a hashtag or location and instantly zero in on photos taken in the vicinity of their activities in the Real World.

A Gaggletag Tracker analytics Campaign can be set up for a location or one or more hashtags. Unique Gaggletags are provided to an event organiser, say, and can be attributed to specific sponsors, brands or locations active at their event. Every photo shared on Twitter and Instagram matching the Campaign’s specification is checked for the presence of the Gaggletag. Thanks to its special patent-pending features, which make our tag designs ultra-sensitive to computer vision, Gaggletags can be spotted and decoded even when presented at  poor angles and taking up as little as 0.1% of the shot. This would be impossible with a traditional QR code or barcode.

The new Gaggletag Tracker provides our Partner’s Clients with an easy-to-use dashboard that presents key Campaign metrics as well as an ability to hone in on where images have been taken. Plus, data can be exported to support further analysis and engagement.

“There’s around 4 million photos shared every minute, mostly with very little chat that provides any context,” says Gaggletag CEO Gideon Summerfield. “So how can a brand find images that relate to the activities they are investing in in the Real World? It’s like looking for a needle in a haystack.”

“And that’s where our Real World Cookie technology can help. It comprises a discrete marker that’s low-cost and incredibly easy to deploy – it’s just print – but like a supercharged QR code it can leap out of the background of shared images and shout ‘Here I am!’ to our new Gaggletag Tracker solution.”

“We’re also extremely excited that this is the first time Gaggletag has been integrated with Instagram – which is without doubt the most important platform for sharing photos.”

Gaggletag is a Social Image Activation Startup. It is developing a Real World Cookie technology –  utilising a discrete visual marker that brands and businesses can drop in the vicinity of their activity in the Real World to track people in the Digital World through their shared photos. When combined with a call to action, our powerful tag can also activate physical marketing with a pain-free interaction that delivers content such as vouchers, product purchase pages, app downloads, videos and so on without the need for a special app.

Gaggletag has introduced a number of services using their technology on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. The Gaggletag Responder is a location engagement solution that can establish a relationship with a consumer on the go, with a low-friction interaction.  Tweet-go-Seek is location gamification platform that enables real world treasure hunts that are scored automatically, without relying on the vagaries of GPS and are played on social media.