Gaggletag Comes to Facebook

Gaggletag has introduced the ability to participate in our Tweet-go-Seek scavenger hunts using Facebook Messenger as well as Twitter.

Hunts can be joined in seconds by just messaging the hunt trigger word or phrase to @tweetgoseek via Facebook Messenger. Players are sent clues to locations and simply sending a photo that includes a Gaggletag automatically verifies they’ve found the location and calls back a clue to the next stop on the hunt. Try out the demo here:

Another feature we’ve introduced is the ability to share information about each location when its found – something we believe will be really powerful in tourism applications.

One of Gaggletag’s unique selling points is that it can easily integrate with the apps people already use – but to date all our activity has been on Twitter. While a very popular app that most already have on their phone, and a very open platform that allows light touch interaction, easy integration and the sharing of content, Twitter is not everyone’s first choice for social media.

Unlike the Gaggletag Responder, Tweet-go-Seek does not need posts to be public to interact, which is what allowed us to support hunts on Facebook Messenger – which is a private messaging service. We’re using the same Facebook technology used to deliver chat bots over Messenger

We’re keen to bring our powerful  Visual Cookie technology to all the social media platforms people are keen to use. Unfortunately, to date, Snapchat and Whatsapp don’t offer APIs for third parties to integrate. Instagram is especially popular for photo sharing, and so a natural partner for Gaggletag, but it’s APIs are limited in terms of direct messaging and content distribution and so not suitable for the Gaggletag Responder or Tweet-go-Seek. We do have plans, however, to introduce a service during 2017 that does integrate with Instagram.