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What is GaggleTag

A Gaggletag is a discreet yet powerful visual marker that our software detects in shared images, without the need for an app or to stand-and-scan. Our Real World Cookie activates passive tracking or delivers content for your brand and creates a one-to-one relationship with your consumer. This has never before been possible through image sharing which has come to dominate social media.

44247129_mAnd with a call to action, Gaggletag can improve the activation of physical marketing by reducing the friction of distributing content, such as vouchers and videos, and once again creates a one-to-one relationship.

By contrast current solutions to draw people from the real to the virtual world, to build a rich and lasting digital relationship, need explicit engagement or are too full of friction.

Now, brands and businesses can drop a Gaggletag in the vicinity of their marketing activity in the physical world to track and interact with consumers through shared photos.

Easy to integrate into any app, we have built solutions on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter


How Does GaggleTag Work

The Problem We’re Solving…

4 million photos are shared every minute. But how can I find those relating to the activities I’m spending money on in the Real World and the people sharing them? Scan Instagram for a popular hashtag or location and you quickly drown.

AI vision tech is getting better at picking out “entities”: objects, animals and so on, even a well presented logo. But it still won’t tell me who has been interacting with my brand or business activities.

We started thinking, what could we place in a scene, discretely, that by looking at a shared image of it we could automatically identify the precise time, location and context.

A visual marker that’s as easy to deploy as a QR code, say. But a QR or bar code needs to be scanned up close and straight-on. They are not designed to be spotted from shared images. They need an explicit and high-friction interaction.

Power of Anti-Camouflage…

QR codes are almost all data – hard to pick out when not dominating an image. A visual marker designed to be spotted even when very small and in the broadest range of conditions needs to be quite different.

Think of something like Where’s Wally. He has a bunch of features that are consistent however you look at him and easily distinguished in any scene: his hat, glasses, stripy sweater and so on. He doesn’t carry any data but he is very spottable.

So we set ourselves the task of creating a marker that’s both easily spotted and carries enough data to relate it to a particular campaign, location, product, event and so on.

This power we call “Anti-Camouflage” makes our marker so easy to spot you don’t need an app with scanning software to confirm it’s found in real-time. This marker can be picked out of shared photos after the event, using an API that can be integrated into the apps people already use.

Try out the Gaggletag…

Our simple yet innovative marker, like the one above, is optimised to pop out from shared photos. It carries just enough data plus a patent-pending combination of features that computer vision finds really easy to see – even in a busy image and when very small, at tight angles and distorted.

In fact we can we can spot a Gaggletag when it occupies as little as 0.1% of an image shared on social media (so not a high res photo). See examples here >>

Get GaggleTag

for Image Analytics…

Gaggletag Tracker

Photo sharing analytics solution for Instagram and Twitter, providing much more granularity than is possible with Location or Hashtags alone.

The sheer volume of media generated around popular brands, events and locations hampers analytics. But by incorporating a Gaggletag in display materials, Brands and Businesses can use the Tracker to instantly zero in on photos taken in the direct vicinity of their activities.

The tracker offers a dashboard to allow you and your clients to review your campaigns and download share and profile data for deeper analysis and communication.

for Gamification…


Location gamification chatbot on Facebook Messenger and Twitter, delivering self-driven treasure hunts in the Real World with automatic scoring and no need for GPS or an app.

Hunts are joined with just a phrase. Players are sent clues and replying with a photo with a Gaggletag verifies a location is found – triggering the next clue, with an option for delivering content about the location.

Such a fun way to encourage exploration and group bonding, be it in a Retail, Corporate, Tourism or an Event environment.

Find out more >>

for Engagement…

Gaggletag Responder

Low-friction, app-free solution to distribute content and establish a relationship with a consumer on the go.

Tweeting a photo that includes a campaign-specific Gaggletag alongside a generic brand or event #hashtag triggers an instant response from the Brand with a link to a web-page, a video, a coupon, an app download and so on. Plus, because it’s happening on social media, the engagement amplifies buzz around the Brand and campaign.

We supply tracking data, tools to review campaign photos and a gamification solution that facilitates prize draws based on tags users have found.

Find out more >>

for Whatever you can Imagine…

We’ve built and operate the services above using the apps people already have – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter –  but we really want to work with others to incorporate our Gaggletag Real World Cookie Technology into the apps and services they’re building. Speak to us now or See here how to get access to our lightweight API>>

Who is GaggleTag

The Gaggletag leadership team comprise experts in the fields of digital media, marketing and technology with a proven track record in working with some of the world’s leading brands and delivering major projects that transform the way the world communicates


Gideon Summerfield is a digital media leader, spending the first half of his career as a journalist, winning awards for tracking the transformation of digital technology on the media and marketing industries. He went on to become a practitioner in the agency world, helping to shift the businesses of the likes of Tesco, BT and Shell as well as a number of start-ups. Latterly he has been applying his vision in transforming television, at the BBC, working with the likes of Samsung, Sony and Xbox to deploy the pioneering on-demand app iPlayer; with leading YouTube partner Base79 and on Sky Q. Currently he is Head of Product at Smart Home Leader Hive.


Martin Ward is the Experiential Marketing expert on the team. After a successful career in graphic design – specialising in youth, music and fashion brands and products –he set up his own business in 2009 developing innovative eco-friendly branded merchandise for the event marketing industry. His company Onion Media has worked on events with brands as varied as BP, The Guardian, Baccardi, Visa, Bayer, the Kia Oval, Goodwood Circuit and Tennents Lager and he has built strong working relationships with some of the best experiential marketing agencies in the UK.


James Pullicino has vast experience delivering complex technology solutions for the online media markets. he brings to Gaggletag over 10 years of senior management experience in both public and venture-backed companies. Starting out as a software engineer he quickly transitioned to roles that led the definition of solutions and managing teams and suppliers delivering them. Most recently he has worked at the BBC, Amazon, Barclays and Sky, leading teams delivering high profile and successful innovation projects such as BBC iPlayer, Lovefilm and NOW TV.

Welcome Developers

If you’re a developer and want to play with our visual cookie technology  for free with your own applications please apply today. Authorised developers will get a set of sample Gaggletags plus a key to use our cloud-based API which makes it simple to identify your tags in any photograph you point it at. If you’re already an authorised Gaggletag Developer please login below.